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My inward journey to living a mindful and quality life

while living with NP-SLE, RRMS and CIDP

and their overlapping accessories.

Slapping the face of many things demyelinating.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

I remember the few years that I bounced between doctors and tests and the growing list of symptoms. I slowly started not living a high maintenance life style. I didn't always do this gracefully nor always willingly. I caused myself some serious grief and frustration by not setting limits for myself. During the times that I wavered in moments (sometimes hours or days!) of denial of my limitations to perform as super woman; I'd crash physically and then battle demons between my ears.

I was not willing to ask other's for help. I was not willing to set limits and adhere to them for myself. I really bumbled my way with this in many aspects in my life. Today, my health and mobility issue's really require me to continue to be willing to set limits and even more so to ask other's for help when I need it. If I do not do
this, then I suffer and my suffering has a ripple effect on those around me. 

I must continue to set limits for myself in this new life as a disabled person. I'm the only one responsible for my quality of life. It is my hope to continue to grow in this state of mindful living which starts between my ears. 
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