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My inward journey to living a mindful and quality life

while living with NP-SLE, RRMS and CIDP

and their overlapping accessories.

Slapping the face of many things demyelinating.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A long time ago I used to be young & had a strong body. Today I have been seasoned some, and my body has other ideas and mind keeps rebelling against those ideas. Then I'm faced with another reality check. I'm not a Zen master. I fight the change, I wrestle shit to the ground, I process things and decompress. I even have moments of feeling defeated but I just keep trying to rise above these life circumstances and turn my experiences into tools to help other's. Some days I do not want to help other's, and I need to retreat into that cocoon. I'm not a delicate butterfly. I wear boxing gloves. In spite of it all, I'm grateful to be here for another day. And  what humbles me out, is that I have a handful of people who love me because of all of this.

#SickChickPMA, #CNSGrrrl