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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pre-Solstice Reflections for 12/21/2012

There's too many people needing to believe in apocalyptic events of 12/21/2012. It's some form of hysteria and a social phenomena that many people in recent centuries have become obsessed with. Hell, there's people all over the world, like say, the well-balanced individuals in France who are going to congregate on some mountain to save their **own asses** from the end of the world and who are arrogant enough to believe that they have been chosen to rebuild a new world. Really?!

Well, guess what, the end of the world is happening to people all over the world. Innocent children and adults being murdered, starving, homeless, with grave medical conditions and no medical care. Wars, dictatorships, fascists and innocent people trying to live in the midst of it.

What about the families of the blameless victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy? The worse thing on Earth that a human being can experience is for a parent to lose a child. There is nothing that can prepare the human psyche to experience this! I'm certain that the pain that they are carrying is immensely horrific and down right apocalyptic. I pray for those parents and loved ones who are suffering with such emotional agony.

And then we have those very interesting human beings preparing for end times in the face of global human suffering. There mothers in digging through trash bins for grains of rice to feed their children and then there are bozos preparing for the end of the world. Really? And Americans are wailing about the closure of the junk food icon Hostess. Really??

Hell, and I'm just as bad as the dooms day people, because I struggle with apocalyptic events between my ears, with just trying to make my pennies stretch til the end of the month and to avoid hospital visits and to keeping my kidneys and CNS stable and to stay alive to raise my daughter into adulthood.

Reality check! Maybe, just maybe, I suffer from hysterical thinking too?

Hi, My name is Kim and I'm an apoca-holic.

Wishing each of you peace of mind ♥